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    世界末日后,两个年轻人带着他们的女儿在野外营地里为了生存与食人族之间斗智斗勇。 - 蟑居/蟑乱之境第1季下载资源尽在电影派播播影院资源网
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    标题:Security Tips for Surviving in a Post-Apocalyptic World

    作者:Miss S

      To prepare for the end of the world or other massive disaster, you need to do a lot more than stock up on food, water and other needed supplies. In order to protect your family, its vital that you prepare for all security related issues and concerns. The following tips can help keep you, your loved ones and your home or other bugout location as secure as possible. Avoid Using Lights Its important to keep your shelter dark at night, says Prepper-Resources**. Even reading a book or magazine by flashlight will alert others of your presence and put everyone at risk. Make it a strict rule that once the sun sets, its lights out if you absolutely need a light source, cover up the windows as best you can and consider using a flashlight with a blue or red lens. Make Your Shelter Look Not-So Nice Although you want the inside of your post-apocalyptic shelter to be well-stocked and organized, the outside should look a bit more shabby. The goal is to have a shelter that wont stand out or call attention from potentially dangerous passers-by. While you dont need to trash the outside, which could damage it and make it less secure, you can make it look like its already been ransacked. Prepare for a Home Invasion If gangs of survivors or zombies are in your area, its vital to secure your bug-out shelter as much as you can against these malicious marauders. Create a series of obstacles and booby traps that will prevent the enemy from breaking in, Happy Preppers advises. For example, purchase some barbed or razor wire and hide it in spots where its not readily visible but will still let intruders know that you are not going to sit back and let them take over your property. For example, put it on the inside top of fences. Also, nail down some chicken wire over windows this will help prevent gangs from throwing anything through the glass. Arrange for 24/7 Guard Duty If you feel like you are under the constant threat of attack, its a good idea to schedule round the clock guard duty. This way, someone will always be awake and alert for the sounds of people or zombies heading your way. If you have stocked your bug out location with some weapons, its vital that those who are on guard duty know how to effectively use them. To prepare people on proper and safe use of guns, consider signing up for an online hunter training course this will teach everyone how to properly handle a firearm and not accidentally fire it at their foot at 3 a.m. when the zombies are moving in. If you dont have enough people in your bug-out location for 24/7 guard duty, consider adding a remote control gun to your shelter Survival Life offers helpful instructions on how to build one. Stock Up On Mace If you have young children or older relatives in your home, you should arm them with an easy to use weapon that can give them valuable time to get to safety. Mace is a great example of a small-yet-effective personal defense product that anyone can use. You and your family members can carry at all times and use to help protect themselves and your shelter. Source: beforeitsnews**/alternative/2014/09/security-tips-for-surviving-in-a-post-apocalyptic-world-3027768.html

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